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четвъртък, 17 юли 2008 г.

The Five Pillar Program

The Five Pillar Program!

The 5 Pillar Program is a great fit for a huge variety of niche Web sites. SiteSell's flagship product, Site Build It!, is the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of software tools that delivers a thriving, profitable business.

The 5 Pillar Club provides affiliates with excellent promotional strategies and tools, including Affiliate Marketing Guide, articles, grpahics, banner/image ads, offline sales kit, videos and a weekly affiliate ezine.

Affiliate Marketing

Tiers: Two-Tier. Pays 25% commissions on the first tier for an SBI! sale and 20% on the second tier.

Cookie Length and Tracking: SiteSell uses lifetime cookies, an in-depth database and cross checking of affiliate details, making it one of the best tracked and most rewarding programs around.

SiteSell achieves high customer return rates by over-delivering. This is a top earner.

! Highly !!! recommended!

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