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четвъртък, 17 юли 2008 г.

Newbie Club Affiliate Program

'The Newbie Club Affiliate Program'

Become a Newbie Club Partner Now for FREE

Why partner with The Newbie Club?

Why indeed. This is the page where you're expecting the heavy over-hyped promises of instant riches and claims to having the best Affiliate Program on the Web. Isn't it?

Well I don't work like that. There's no point in motivating you with false promises if you sign up and discover those promises are built on sand. You earn nothing, we earn nothing, and I waste my time and yours chasing rainbows. The plain truth is that we'd rather have 200 high earning Partners than 6000 disillusioned marketers who simply clutter up our database.

So let me tell you what The Newbie Club™ is all about. Then you decide whether you wish to be part of it.

Our niche market

The PC and Internet beginners market is huge, and growing by the second. But even though many Newbie Websites exist, my business partner Tom Glander and I believe that the educational needs of this vast expanding market, is virtually unexploited. The main reason for this is the difficulty in communicating with inexperienced Newbies in a way they can relate to.

The fact is that the books and tutorials available at present are too technical, too expensive, and .... BORING!

And many of the existing Newbie sites are unprofessional, unimaginative, and ... BORING!

Our research and surveys reveal that The Newbie Club™ Website and unique product range is exactly what the Newbies want. That's why we designed them that way!

Our management team

Tom is a technical wizkid and a born teacher. I'm a professional Copywriter and 30 year direct sales and marketing veteran (you can read more about our backgrounds and experience here). And we're confident and arrogant enough to believe that the combination of the unique and powerfully effective Newbie Club™ Learning System, and our ultra professional marketing approach is a winner...

A big, BIG, winner!

Our unique products

We have 5 original learning products now which are proven, unexploited winners, and a range of unique and exciting Newbie products and packages under development. Unique products and packages that have never been seen before on the Web. Every single one of which is designed by The Newbie Club™ team.

Our Affiliate's Promotion package

The Newbie Club Affiliates have access to some of the best Advertising and Promotional material on the Web.

Prepared by Joe Robson, owner of adcopywriting.com, one of the most respected Copywriting Websites on the Net.

In all modesty I feel that very few Affiliates of other programs are given anything near the quality of promotional materials made available to The Newbie Club™ Affiliates. Materials that contain your own Unique Affiliate URL, and which I normally charge many thousands of dollars to write...

Articles you can publish
Ezine Ads
Press Releases for your own Website
Free ebooks to give away to your visitors
Specially prepared Newbie Club Affiliate training manual
Copywriting and Internet promotion advice
Response-grabbing banners
Affiliates Newsletter-TNC Affiliate Reporter
Telephone support and advice for US and UK Affiliates.
And a heck of a lot more. All available from the Password Protected Affiliates Club Room.

Did I mention we are SERIOUS?

Our powerful software

Our Affiliate Program is the driving force behind the success of The Newbie Club™. So we've chosen a Rolls Royce engine to power it.

We had our programmers install the incredibly sophisticated and powerful Synergyx Affiliate and shopping cart system, integrated with our own Merchant account. Then they plugged in the remarkable Postmaster automated email software and hosted everything with Virtualis.

What does this mean for you?...

A powerful, sophisticated and smooth running program that enables you to run your Newbie Club Affiliate business with the absolute minimum of effort.

Fit all these pieces of the jig saw together and you have ...

Our winning formula!

And we're offering you the opportunity to join us in a business in which we unshakably believe The Newbie Club™ will be a major player - THE player - in this huge untapped market.

Dreams? Yeah OK you've heard it all before. I understand that. The Newbie Club™ Website is designed as a fun experience. But now we're talking business - yours and ours. And we're deadly serious.

We haven't spent months of grueling work putting this business together for a hobby. And we're old enough and wise enough not make wild promises and make fools of ourselves by chasing rainbows...

Make no mistake about it, this is the real thing. And it's BIG. So get in now while you can and sign up. And yes it's free.


Become a Newbie Club Partner Now for FREE

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